Be the Wave

Visual Identity Design for Keep Wales Tidy.

The Project Brief

Be the Wave is a new education project designed to inform people about our incredible blue planet and inspire them to take action by Keep Wales Tidy.

We were asked to design a visual identity for the project as well as an explainer video. 

The Yellow Sub Approach

Typically the brand was known for appealing to young children and parents. We focused on how to appeal to young people all the while sticking to the colour palette from the Keep Wales Tidy brand guidelines. The visual identity also needed to stand out on social media, so we wanted to add motion design elements to make it more appealing.

We created video content that was worthy of a teen’s social media feed and pulled it together with materials from KWT as well as our own filming from litter picking volunteering. 

Project Outcome

We created a fresh, modern and youthful look for the campaign which was used on school materials across Wales and shared widely on socials. 

A campaign page was created. You can have a look at it here. 

We continue to work with Keep Wales Tidy projects as well as volunteering our own working hours on litter picking monthly.

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