The Female Alchemist

Web design and build for a qualified change agent.

The Project Brief

We were approached by Bev Garside during her rebrand to become The Female Alchemist. 

The Female Alchemist is a change and transformation consultancy that helps individuals or organisations through cultural, or organisational change by working collaboratively with clients to help them fully embrace change and become agents of transformation.

We were asked to design a website for TFA to fully communicate their services and 30 years of expertise blended with Bev’s passion for nature and supporting sustainable change that’s good for people and the planet.

The Yellow Sub Approach


Bev is a very intriguing woman hence the name. Her process and the way she connects with people is magical. We were very inspired by Bev’s world and the way she has set up her professional life as well as her love for nature. 

So early on in the project, we decided that the website needed authentic, beautiful nature photography to reflect the love Bev has for life and the planet. In our initial workshopping, we discovered that Bev walks for an hour with her dog every morning, this became the perfect opportunity to set up for a photoshoot. 

The results were spot on thanks to the talented photographer Gareth Bull.

UI & UX Design

We built an inspiration board with visuals that inspired the UI design to incorporate design elements of alchemy. This also inspired the photography and art direction of the website.  

Following content and user persona workshops with our client, we pulled our focus on the user experience for our targeted personas.  Bev’s work is complex and has always been difficult to communicate and the website needed to simplify her services and demonstrate her skills and highlight her expertise in the field. 

We went for a clear UX journey with a design that allows a lot of breathing room to digest the complexity of her work easily.

WordPress Development

We love WordPress and we built the site with the new block approach, which allows full flexibility to edit and create new pages.

Project Outcome

A successful collaboration of development, photography, and design – all coming together to answer the brief of this project. 

I am so proud of this website which reflects my company focus and my values. What an amazing team. Surpassed all my expectations. 

Bev Garside / Founder Of The Female Alchemist, Director at Empower Support for the Voluntary and Co Director of Charity Job Finder

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