Heero App

Brand Identity, UX/UI, and app development for a sustainable remediation app. 

The Project Brief

Heero is an app for sustainable remediation technologies suitable for retrofitting onto existing housing stock.

Utilising React Native and Government led SAP calculator technologies.

Yellow Sub Creative was tasked with creating a brand identity as well as the UX/UI design of the app. Once the client was happy with these deliverables, we moved on to the actual development of the app.

The Yellow Sub Approach

Logo Design

The client asked us to design a logo that could reflect the new technological developments of the app while still taking inspiration from the legacy logo. After developing various styles and concepts, we settled on a logo that emphasised housing iconography for easy recognition and relatability.  

UI/UX Design

With government-led SAP calculator technologies, we have built a quick way to identify what retrofit measures are suitable for a homeowner’s property.

The first step in designing the Heero app was to undergo some comprehensive research and complete multiple workshops to fully understand what was required by Heero. Through multiple stages of wireframing and user journey planning, a prototype was built to demonstrate and evaluate the functions within the app.

Once we had nailed all of the requirements for the application, we could then start looking at how we wanted this app to look. An inspiration board was put together and the direction we wanted to take was decided –  a clean, modern-feeling UI with lots of breathing room and a primarily blue, white, and black palette was chosen.

We took the wireframes that had been built and applied the designs. The outcome was a fully designed prototype that the client could interact with and really get a feel for look and function. Once approved, a style guide was built in preparation for handover to the development team. 


In February of 2023 the HEERO app was approved by both Apple Store and Google Play.

Having got the application to MVP, the next steps were to act on user feedback over the following months, adjusting the UX / UI and leveraging additional 3rd party technologies to improve the application in general.

By Autumn we had moved the app off of its original API server and onto its own API in order to satisfy future privacy requirements and avoid any potential downtime or version conflicts. We also began writing an extensive test suite for both HEERO’s API server and the 3rd party service used to make EPC calculations. This would be used to ensure the highest possible accuracy for the end users and give us a solid basis for running automated tests and catching any potential issues before any code goes to release.

Towards the end of the year, we worked on many other features including an appointment booking system, a complete reskin of the app, and an in-built live chat support system.

Project Outcome

App development never ends, so we are continuously working on improving Heero and introducing new features. We are excited to be part of Heero’s journey in helping people improve their EPC ratings and reduce CO2 emissions and costs. 

If you’re interested in reducing your costs and Ratings please feel free to check the Heero app on Apple Store and Google Play. 

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    UX/UI and engineering for a retrofitting carbon reduction software.


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