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We hope that by documenting our journey along the way, we can inform and inspire others to live life yellow.

  • Why Green Hosting?

    The impact of emissions mentioned in this article is already doubled as many articles previously written point to numbers being doubled by 2025. The Internet is also the fastest growing carbon polluting industry and it will surpass all other industries in terms of worldwide pollution. […]

  • Navigating Light and Dark Mode: A UI/UX Designer’s Journey

    After the recent completion of a UX/UI project where I was able to utilise a switchable light/dark theme, this was a great way to look back at the choices I was faced with and the interesting insights I had found out along the way.

  • Kindness and more: A HUM4NS evening of talks and nourishment

    I recently had the privilege of sharing my personal journey at HUM4NS in Bristol. The topic of my talk was “The Journey so far,” and it centred around my transformative experience of hitting rock bottom in my early 40s due to sheer exhaustion and an overworked workaholic lifestyle.

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