Awen Rhys

Awen Rhys

Junior Developer

About Awen

A Yellow Sub founder once said, “if you’re gonna take moonshots, you better find some astronauts” and that’s exactly what we did in finding Awen. Junior Web Developer Awen joined Yellow Sub Creative shortly after earning a first class degree in Computer Science at Bath University. 

Their relentless curiosity for the theory, application and development of computer software reaches far beyond their day to day tasks of solving coding problems, developing apps and websites. Take for example, their passion for Hackathons that require intense dedication and problem-solving skills in a short amount of time or the way they went viral and for creating her own tracker for the fake Tik Tok currency, Dabloons which in turn, has its own online community of followers. 

There’s no challenge too big for this problem-solving superstar!

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