Rosemary Dery

Rosemary Dery

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Having studied fine art, Rosemary possesses a deep understanding of the creative process, allowing her to effectively collaborate with artists and designers. Her artistic background gives her the ability to grasp the nuances of artistic projects, ensuring that each project’s vision is translated into reality with precision.

As a project manager, Rosemary’s approach is deeply people-focused. She believes in fostering open communication and collaboration among team members, clients, and stakeholders. Her friendly and approachable demeanor makes her a natural leader, and she excels at building strong, cohesive teams that work seamlessly together to achieve project goals.

With a dynamic blend of creative flair, people-centric approach, and exceptional project management skills, Rosemary continues to make a significant impact in her role at the creative agency. Her ability to bring ideas to life while ensuring smooth project execution has earned her admiration and respect from colleagues and clients alike.

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