Perry Rylance

Perry Rylance

Senior Web Developer

About Perry

A highly experienced and versatile coder and software specialist conversant in a variety of languages and platforms with international experience. Perry leads our web development team with his far-ranging expertise. Currently, we have not found a web development problem that Perry can’t fix – but we’ll keep trying.

Perry was raised by an Amiga A500 and Sega Mega Drive and wanted to be a game programmer as a very young boy. He began reading his dad’s C and C++ books when he was barely into double digits, and as a teenager did high-performance 3D graphics, MIDI and audio DSP programming most days of the week, reaching A-level ABRSM music qualifications early on. Post-academically, Perry later happened upon web development through the needs of creatives and businesspeople around him, and the broader personal networking which naturally followed. He would eventually go on to work exclusively in web development as a freelancer and contractor.

Mid 2010’s Perry became Lead Developer on WordPress’ most popular mapping plugin suite, getting into the drivers seat of a platform with 500,000 active installations, downloaded over 20 million times, working not only on the plugin and it’s various commercial extensions, but also day in day out on hundreds of different WordPress sites with all manner of other plugin authors and custom integrations all over the world. To this date half a million WordPress sites are still running Perry’s precision-engineered, refactored codebase.

Perry is also an accomplished part-time musical entertainer, having performed hundreds of gigs all over the UK, and enjoys playing various instruments, particularly in folk, bluegrass and old-time sessions. In his spare time he enjoys sound design and electronic music writing and production.

As you can see, Perry is a code master to simply put it and we love his genuine compassion for setting the bar high when it comes to engineering standards, and for writing systems. 

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