Yellow Sub Creative 2022 Round-up

Ahoy! As we reach the end of our work year, we’d like to reflect on all we’ve accomplished with all of you. Read on for an extra special Christmas gesture…

17 December, 2022

First of all a huge thank you to all our clients! It’s been so much fun to work together this year to help create over 15 websites, 2 apps, and brand identity projects that pack a purposeful punch! We hope they enjoyed working with our superstar team too…

It’s not just about work

Staying true to our life:work balance philosophy, we learned to paddle board, sea forage, how to make music together and generally embrace the discomfort of trying new things. Teams that grow together, stay together! And this is what we’re learning as we reconnect with nature on our away days to reinvigorate the passion we have to help solve the biggest issues of our time.  

Introducing Periscope

In 2022 the creative team supported our sister company, Yellow Sub Hydro in developing Periscope, a SaaS product that’s set to transform water resource management for the better. Watch this space as we launch Periscope in 2023…

Giving back

This year we collected over 60 bags of litter on 10 different occasions, all around Cardiff. Doing our bit to keep our community tidy.

New crew member

Web Developer Awen joined Yellow Sub Creative shortly after earning a first-class degree in Computer Science at Bath University. In just a short time, she has shown relentless curiosity for the theory, application and development of computer software. Go Awen!

And finally, a Merry Yellow Christmas to all!

This Holiday season, we looked at where our client gift budget could make the most impact and diverted that fund to a worthy cause. Instead of sending cards and presents this year, we have donated to the Cardiff Food Bank to help those most in need on behalf of our clients. And it felt great to put our efforts towards something good!

Cardiff food bank was really grateful to receive items on their most urgent list. If you’d like to make make a donation please visit and make sure you shop from their needs list.

A small gesture could make a big impact on someone this Christmas.

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