Fish Friendly


Brand development and art direction for an accessible and affordable hydropower company. 

The Project Brief

We were thrilled to have been asked to work on this purpose-driven company.

We love it when clients trust us and give us enough freedom in our playground to come up with a different and fun approach for their brand – and that’s exactly what we did when Fish Friendly asked us to rebrand their company.

A brand to celebrate sustainable energy generation in third-world countries using Archimedes screw patented invention. Fish Friendly is exactly that! Hydro-powered turbines that can be dropped into rivers and waterways to generate electricity in hard-to-reach regions with no infrastructure. 

Fresh Friendly Hydro is here to make a positive impact on a global stage by making hydropower affordable and available for everyone with access to a flowing stream or river without any impact on the ecology or environment. In plain language, they are an affordable solution to Renewable Energy: 

And they have a big big purpose “to make a positive impact on a global stage by making hydropower affordable and available to any of the over 1 billion people living very close to moving water.“

The Yellow Sub Approach

As we said, it was a pleasure to be given the freedom to play and experiment with design. And it’s even better when the client gets on board with our bold choices. Fish Friendly Hydro was one of the projects, where we played, explored, and proposed only one bold idea. 

Yellow Sub Creative was tasked with developing a brand identity that represented the Fish Friendliness of the products and that is what we believe we have created for them.

Project Outcome

Incorporating happy fish, turbines, and lightning bolts through the prism of a fresh colourway brought together the vibe and the elements that the client was trying to communicate in one symbol.

  • Heero App

    Brand Identity, UX/UI, and app development for a sustainable remediation app. 


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