Web portal for Welsh Government funded innovation project.

The Project Brief

Nuable is a product of the digital masterminds in Yellow Sub Creative and Yellow Sub Geo.

We were tasked with supporting Welsh Government targets for all new homes to run on renewable heat and energy. Our solution was to create and brand an open-sourced web portal weaving in the considerations and aspirations of a wide range of stakeholders into a cohesive mapping-based, interrogatable product. Put simply, it’s a web app that helps individuals and developers discover the renewable energy potential of any given location, using just a post code. 

Nuable aims to create a movement that brings accessibility to renewable energy data, helping to reduce our carbon footprint. It is a free tool because we believe you shouldn’t have to pay to see what renewable energy is best for your home or your development.

The Yellow Sub Approach

Nuable was named to appeal to a younger demographic as the next generation of house owners.  Words like  ‘nu’ age were relevant at the time and also offered a distinction from the three letter acronyms within the sector. Lastly, we simply felt that it was a perfect visual to build the brand around. The term is it Nuable was our shorthand to, is it renewable? and now we can’t say it any other way!

UX/UI Design
UX/UI Design

Our social content focused on the everyday benefits of renewable energy and why retrofitting was a good thing for domestic properties. Taking our character personas, who reflect our consumer base, we presented scenarios of every day living where renewable heat and energy made sense.

With such a broad audience, it’s realistic that certain groups would be skeptical about pushing the sales of solar panels and other retrofitted products. Nuable is all about raising awareness, starting the conversation and making information around renewables accessible to anyone. We did this by delivering bite size nuggets of information and insights into why retrofitting is good for homeowners and the planet.

Character Design

The characters initially started life as CGI renditions of all 6 personas but we quickly realised we needed something with more eye catching appeal. We have loved animator Paul Thomas’ work for years, so this felt like the perfect opportunity to showcase Paul’s unique style and breathe life into Nuable’s personas. With recycled coloured card and Pauls craft for paper people, the characters were brought to life. As the brand grew from a symbol, to a word, to colours and into the hands of Paul, it all came together into a cohesive identity that we are so proud of to this day. Go check out Pauls other work on Pictoplasma.

Project Outcome

Delivering impact, across Wales

The range of services being provided on this project includes animations to bring the concept to life, web architecture and build, socials, brand and marketing strategy, front end and back end development mechanics, copywriting and stakeholder engagement.

  • Fish Friendly Hydropower

    Brand development and art direction for an accessible and affordable hydropower company. 


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