Used & Loved, Seedr Campaign 

Used & Loved is a website that organises the second-hand web into one simple to search place. Used & Loved is here to transform the experience of second-hand shopping into one that is easy and enjoyable.

I first met Jess & Dave in 2019 and over a cup of coffee,  listened to their dream of making second shopping easier and more accessible. Being second-hand shoppers themselves and having a great deal of experience in searching for items for their homes and family, they knew exactly what was missing in the world of online second-hand shops.

We’re creating the ‘Amazon’ and ‘Pinterest’ for second-hand shopping.

Davey Brown, Used & Loved Founder

Our conversation led me to design their branding and initial UX design including naming (which is what I’m most proud of). After 2 years of working on the development of the website, it was finally ready to launch so when Jess and Davey approached us at Yellow Sub Creative, we were ecstatic at the idea of being a part of their journey,

Not only because we believed in Jess and Davey but because we loved their vision, their purpose and how much it aligned with our own. The reason Used & Loved exists is to impact the learned habits of consumers and save the world from unnecessary and excessive waste. 

“We’ve made the same realisation as millions of other people: we don’t buy used as much as we want to because it’s so hard to find what we need. 

The second-hand marketplace is difficult to navigate and we’ve decided to do something about it – meet Used & Loved, where all the second-hand websites can be found in one place!”

Jess & Davey, Used & Loved Founders

The Yellow Sub Creative team were tasked with art directing the Used & Loved Seedr campaign video as well as design materials for the campaign page. 

We shot the campaign in a beautifully decorated Victorian house which ended up being the perfect setting for photography as well as video interviews. These kinds of projects happen to be some of my favourite work days but this one was particularly remarkable because the experience inspired me to make a promise to shop only second-hand for at least 6 months in 2022. Meeting the charity shop Queen Rachel Boo really cinched the decision for me—more on the second-hand shopping adventure here. 

At the brand launch party, there was such a great feeling as we looked around the room and saw the attendees decked out in the second-hand printed tees that we designed and were given as gifts. The event was a success, with the launch party raising money for the campaign and bringing many ethical and sustainable shoppers together in Cardiff. 

This is a brand that is very close to our hearts and we can not wait to see what’s ahead in their journey. 

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