What Men’s Mental Health Means to Me

November has brought our attention, front and centre to men’s mental health. It’s safe to say, mental health challenges are something that’s touched each of us in the team at some point in our lives. But it’s especially pertinent for our male staff, that endure a culture that discourages men from speaking openly about their…

Hear Perry’s words:

Please talk to your male friends.

Please talk with your male friends.

I used to have a very good friend.

I’d known him since we were teenagers.

He radiated confidence.

He was funny beyond belief.

He could build anything you wanted.

He was an outstanding musician.

He was as strong as an ox and chiselled as a sculpture.

He was popular with the ladies.

He was surrounded by loving friends.

He was a textbook “alpha male” through and through.

He worked tirelessly to fulfil his role, provide for his lovely wife, and meet expectations.

A handful of us caught the odd glimpse through this veneer, however I don’t think anyone really had a full picture. To everyone else, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, my good friend came across like someone who sat on top of the world.

Toxic attitudes towards masculinity and men’s mental health issues can be lethal. If talking about mental health as a man wasn’t surrounded by such poisonous stigma, and reciprocal conversation around men’s mental health was normalised, then maybe, just maybe, I would have known my friend for a little longer.

I used to have a very good friend.

Please talk with your male friends.

– In loving memory, “you’re a star in the face of the sky”

From Perry, Senior Developer, Master Mandolin Player, Loyal Friend.

Image above shows a missing spot at a skiffle kit where Perry’s friend would sit.

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